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Model Agency for Alternative Models established since 2008

TattooModels (TM) is the first worldwide online modelling agency for tattooed women and men. Tattoos today are becoming increasingly popular and are a contemporary fixture in a key demographic. Tattooed individuals, carry with them a unique charm and an individual outlook on life that is not only conveyed through their personality but through their choice of body art.

The human body is becoming a canvas for original pieces of art. Demands by the Fashion, Photography and Film industries are on the rise now more than ever, particularly for models with unique features and character. 8-years ago TattooModels identified this market trend, and has been the leader in staffing the creative industries ever since.

At TM, you will find much more than meets the eye in our many pages of eligible models. We provide you access to finding a world of real people with real personalities, stories and flavor all in one incredible site. Scroll through our pages to find your key characters for advertising, promotions, magazines, fairs, TV productions, special events, music productions and much more. Whatever it is that you are looking for TattooModels will provide the right option for your needs!

If you think that you have got what it takes, apply now to be a tattooed model with us!

The Colorful World of Tattoo Models

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Tattoos pulsate like an unstoppable force in our every day awareness, whether they may be sported by friends, internationally famous stars or be part of visual advertising stimulation. Nowadays, they have come to form an integral part of our life‘s experience.

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